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Re: Download Interrupted? - I was recently downloading a file and it stopped, showing 'interrupted' in the download box.

goscuter1 Jun 30, 2011 3:11 AM
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So is the Dev team changing their story? Is it a bug or not? 

From what I read, it very clearly sounded as if it was not a bug at all; but rather a security measure that people were complaining about. 

The reason I'm interested is that I've only experienced this 'bug' a single time - trying to download a HTC Sync application that I had very good reason to believe was responsible for corrupting my HTC Desire HD. But as I was downloading from - I stupidly tried to download it again. And bingo, the sole time I ever experience this 'bug' was the dozen attempts during which I tried to download HTC Sync. I don't believe it's a bug. I believe HTC Thailand have criminals administering their website.

I subsequently (like 30 min later) came to my idiot senses and downloaded HTC Sync from without incident.