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Re: Are you having issues with viewing PDFs in Google Chrome?

webbywebbo Jan 11, 2011 12:58 AM
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I can not save in frame PDFs. Though I have not tried using Chrome save in frame PDFs for a couple of days so it might have been fixed (?). My real issue is that I can not renable my Adober Acrobat 8.0 to be the viewer in the browser. I need the functionality in 8.0 for work. If I disable Chrome viewer and renable Adobe, then I can not open PDFs from browser, ie it is not possible to reenable Adobe. Sure I could follow the uninstall and reinstall Adobe, like I did in the Spring for the original Chrome PDF problems, but I am frankly not willing, since the next Chrome update will break it by defaulting back to the Chrome viewer. Until Google commit to not enabling the viewer by default it has to be Firefox. for me and anyone who uses PDFs for anything other than viewing. This seems the most dumb implementation I have come across, force the user by default to use a low grade viewer when on their machine is a high functionality piece of software, and not ask their permission. I think breaking a users machine without even asking the user if they would like to proceed with the change is 'doing evil'.