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Re: How can I make in English the default address-bar search engine (I am not in the states).

SeriouslyENGLISH Oct 6, 2011 4:34 AM
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So, Google seems to be keen to shove local country specific searches down our throats BUT they were kind enough to provide a solution.

If you want to use go in the address bar on chrome and type (no country redirect). This will set a cookie so won't be redirected.

For the Chrome address-bar search redirection problem follow these steps:
1. Go to Chrome Setttings (Click on the "wrench" icon on the top left and then click "options")
2. In the "Basics" tab, under "search" you will see a "Manage search engines" button. Click that button.
3. In the fold out menu that just opened you will see two boxes: The first is "default search options" while the other is "other search engines"
4. In the "Default Search Engines" box you will have Google, Bing and Yahoo entries as by default. The Google tab should be the default one.  
5. At the right side of the "Google" line you will find an "x" - press it. NOTE: This will remove the Google default search configuration.
6. Go to the "other search engines" and locate (at the end of the list) the boxes used to enter a new search engine.
6.1 -- You will find three boxes with dimmed letters saying: "Add a new search engine" "Keyword" and "URL with % in place of query"
6.2 -- In the "Add new search engine" box type: Google
6.3 -- In the "Keyword" box type:
6.4 -- In the "URL with % in place of query" box type or paste:
7. Hover your mouse over your new "Google" entry in the "Other search engines" box until the "make default" blue button appears on the right of the entry. Click that.
8. Enjoy your (no country redirect) searches from Chrome address bar.

Hope that helps - it did work for me.