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Re: Pop up blocker not working? It's driving me insane!!

Ruedii Jan 20, 2012 11:59 AM
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I have this issue to.  From my research it is an adware.

I am running Linux, and all the information I've found is for the Windows/IE version, not the Chrome version.

Apparently they have infected some market extensions, or have infected something else.

I will be searching how to remove it.   I'll start by deactivating all extensions, and see if that helps, and if it does one by one renable them.

If that didn't work I will go and search in developer mode on an offending page, and see what launched it.  (This is harder, so I figure the first option will hopefully work.)

If I can track it down I will probably reply with a list of offending items, and how to block them.