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Re: Google Bookmark bookmarklet

Newestone May 6, 2012 12:34 AM
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Thanks, gpad, and all of you for verifying the existence of this issue.  I have reported the issue on (1) chromium issues (see, as well as (2) via "report an issue" on Chrome under Tools, under the wrench icon.  (3) I have also gone to the original place where the bookmarklet is offered ( and used the "Contacting Us" link at the bottom ( that allows for submission of feedback on the bookmark tool.  

What I lack is the savvy to know how to escalate the issue or postings to a higher level so that it gets the attention.  For now, I am hoping that thanks to your responses and after the passage of this weekend, it will receive the required attention.  If more people could post on the three links I have posted above, then that might be one way to attract the attention. In any case, I am hoping for more action from Google on Monday.