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Re: New Tab Button, + Sign Missing

ccorry21 Feb 15, 2012 8:17 AM
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I will join the chorus of others saying that I just find it annoying instead of helpful.
I simply like the security of the +.  I know what it means and what will happen when I click that button.  I still know what will happen, it just seems more mysterious.  The button doesn't highlight enough to make me believe that I'm selecting it.  It takes me more time to now focus on that button to make sure that I'm actually clicking it.  On an extreme level, the lack of the + is slowing my productivity by having to make sure a new tab will open.
I'm rocking a mac, so I don't resonate with the aero issues...but I'd still like it back :)

Just like you guys listened with the Google Bar, I hope you listen with the Chrome Plus.