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Re: Getting Error 4 while trying to update?

goliath27 Mar 21, 2012 1:13 AM
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"Where did you see the error 4 at? In the About box (wrench > About Chrome)?"

I have been experiencing several Google chrome related problems.

1.when a Youtube video plays, I only receive audio and sometimes a black screen via embedded on Facebook.

2.Adobe Flash Player has a similar problem, when told to resolve problem through settings and to disable "Enable Hardware Acceleration", a black screen on the player or script blocks me from seeing what I am doing.

3.I can not download, When I try to download anything, I receive "Interrupted".

4.Lastly, I was told to check the (wrench > About Chrome) and saw
"Update server not available (error 4)".

I am frustrated, I love Google chrome and have been reverted into using Mozilla Firefox. Please help.