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Re: Can't get rid of Blekko

urbanstar Feb 27, 2012 12:55 PM
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CNET has really sold out its good name for this Blekko. It hijacked all three of my browsers and I keep finding more places it has infested. I'm running an adware remover right now to try to get rid of all of it. Interestingly, when I first detected it, my browser was auto-directing me AWAY from pages that talk about how to get rid of it. The pages I ended up on initially shut down my anti-virus program. So I manually re-started it and it detected the pages as unsafe. I didn't see the permissions to install this "toolbar" when I was using CNET, and I'm usually an eagle eye for extra stuff  I don't want. It got past me somehow, and I'm really disappointed in CNET because it was bundled with their own new downloader.