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Re: "SSL Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate" problem/issue on Chrome 18

Sie_Deen Apr 6, 2012 5:54 PM
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Update: Thanks everyone for all the detailed information so far!

We do have a couple of follow-up questions for those of you who have already tried the steps in my previous post. 
  • In the address bar where you see the red Lock Icon, when you click on it you should see a link to see "Certificate Information", please click on that.
    • When a Certificate window appears, click on the Certification Path tab > expand the tree to find the site certificate, so that we can see the Certificate Status. Please post a screenshot of this too. This detail is important to help us distinguish the different causes of the issue and work on a resolution.
  • As mentioned in our public issue tracker, please also try disabling third-party shell extensions that may be running on your computer. You can do so by following the steps on this other issue tracker.
    • Once the third-party shell extensions are disabled, please try the steps outlined here again, and let us know what you find.