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Re: I can't send voicemail! I can call and chat but voicemail doesn't work! Please help! xxx

rudme Oct 25, 2011 4:57 PM
Posted in group: Google Chat
Cheese Katerine, is it some kind of a secret agent secret that nobody at Google could have been bothered to somewhere announce this GoogleTalk Send Voicemail feature??
And, we all would dearly love to read somewhere as to why, especially why shut it down before you have something else in place, or, has this feature been abused by users that you where basically forced to shut it down, or taken up to much bandwidth??

My personal question on this:
Is there any replacement in sight??
(Consider this, sending a voicemail to an email address is sooooooooooooooooooo convenient, especially after a failed call, and besides of a site called vocaroo or so there is nothing else ou there, you where the sole leaders in Sending Voicemails to email addresses and you give up on something like this, boy what a luxurious lifestyle you Google folks must be living....