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Re: iCal not connecting to Google Calendar - HTTP 404 error

Alice PB&J Dec 10, 2012 11:10 AM
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Hi all,

Thanks for continuing to provide info. I posted the following update to another thread (which I've marked as a duplicate in case you'd like to follow along there), which will hopefully help some of you out:


Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your patience as we’ve investigated the various iCal issues you’ve reported. Here’s the current status:

- As of now, it is no longer necessary to sync secondary calendars using delegates. To choose which calendars are displayed, visit (as John Cappiello posted). These settings will apply to any device you sync using CalDAV, such as your iPhone or other iOS device. Updated help center instructions can be found here under “iCal 5.x and up”.

If you deselect calendars from Delegates in preferences, then enable them using and still find that you have duplicates, please let us know so that we can reach out to you and investigate those individual cases.

- We have identified the cause of the 404 and 400 errors and will be pushing fixes for these as soon as we can in the coming weeks. One action that triggers errors is attempting to add a guest to a secondary calendar, so instead of doing this in iCal, a workaround (until the fix is pushed) is to go to the web version at to add the guest.

Finally, we’ve heard reports about alerts with strange times (switching from 15 minutes to 2985 minutes, for example) and will be investigating them, so please post here with the following info so we can look into the issues:
- Are these calendar-level or event-level alerts?
- Do you see the same reminder duration reflected on the web at, or are they only appearing in iCal?

Thanks again for your patience, and our apologies for the frustration this has caused.