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Re: Google is killing small businesses by being negligent

andrea425 Apr 30, 2012 10:28 AM
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I agree with you. I am the owner of a small Hotel/B&B. I want to show you some of the disservices received by Google Places, trying to resolute this unacceptable situation:

1) It was built a Hotel page on Google Places without my authorization. On the page it has been uploaded a bad photo and with the sign “by the owner”when I never sent it. I tried to change the photo entering in my account but it is impossible. Why ? the result is that my property is showed with a bad look. Probably this happen in collaboration with portals. In any case Google cannot decide which photo to show my property, as I am the owner I must be able to choose which one to show.

2) On the page it has been uploaded a bad review, probably taken from a portal. The problem is that we also have many good reviews so why that one only ? Again this shows my property with a bad look. It means Google is making a disservice and an abuse, as cannot choose which review to put when we have many others good.

3) On the availability panel the prices are false and invented: There is € 53 (LateRooms), € 54 (Hostelsclub), € 60 ( € 61 (Budgetplaces). I never put those prices, also because we apply the same rates in all the portals and sites, so it is impossible that I wrote those numbers.
Also, we have any chance to contact Google staff, no email, no phone numbers. Nobody cares of you. We only must suffer the domination of Google, and as you well explained, the small business are more damaged.