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Re: What constitutes Description spam?

iamlaura Jun 3, 2012 5:53 PM
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Hi Andrew.

Can I take you up on this offer? I know several of these type spammers on our local listings. We actually personally visit the locations (even when we know certain spammers aren't local) so that we can say, without a doubt when spammers use non-existent or fake addresses to manipulate the local search results.

It does appear that Google has removed (or moved far down/back in the list) some of the spammers, although the most persistent one has already got another site or two already ranking near the top of the local searches (still behind us though!).

I would like to volunteer to report as much spam in our area as possible to help clean up spam, and maintain relevant search results for users.

If I can do this I will be using another user name so that I don't have any retaliation from any of the spammers. They are very organised with lots of resources.

By the way, does anyone notice that when you click on website URLs on the new Places (Google+ Local) pages that they point to a 404 error page? I've checked multiple listings in multiple industries from multiple computers from different connections and I get the same result from all.