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Re: URGENT Vanessa please respond, after a call from Maps India yesterday my address was taken from my listing

murphys law roadside Mar 16, 2012 5:21 PM
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I have no idea why this is going on, i have been on Google for almost 4 years and am a legitimate business. I can provide pictures/video of my home office, tax info showing a home office deduction, state and federal tax forms and even my SBA certificate. I have had major problems with competitors attacking my listing with malicious fake reviews, flagging my business as closed, and can not fathom how such a large company with the worlds brightest employees and software out the ying yang can have these type of issues.
I had a call from Maps India a few hours ago checking again on my address and when i responded to all the normal questions of whats the address, i see its a residense do you have a home office where customers can come in, and as i finished answering the last question i tried to ask him a question and he hung up on me.

Please help me understand how i have had so many issues now this, yesterday was my 40th birthday and i have had to deal with this instead of enjoying my family and friends because without this business i can not pay my bills, or feed my kids.