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The "Best Answer" button - Use it!

vanessagene Apr 9, 2012 9:17 AM
Posted in group: Google and Your Business Help Forum

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We've opened this forum to be a place where you can go to ask questions, and hopefully, find your answer. When you start a new thread, remember that down the road, another user might find the thread and learn something new from it (maybe they found the thread through search, or from a link in a blog post). 

That's why we have the "Best Answer" button, to highlight and surface the best responses with the most helpful information. That way, when new visitors to the forum come upon a new thread, they can find the answer right away. (And speaking for myself, it helps me to keep track of what might need my attention.) 

What is Best Answer-worthy? Ideally, the person who asked the question, or started the thread, would mark a response "Best Answer" (since they were seeking the answer in the first place). But since folks don't always remember to do that, feel free to mark a really great answer yourself.

You'll find the "Best Answer" button at the bottom of every reply on a given thread.