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Re: Entire Blogspot Blog Lifted!

greenwoodma Apr 14, 2012 7:34 AM
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Don't panic no one has stolen anything. Blogger now supports localized domain names, so that they can block certain blogs in certain countries. This means that while you may go to a address you may get redirected to a local domain. For example, in the UK I often get redirected to, while in Australia you will end up at That explains the first change to the URL. The m=1 bit just means that you are asking for the mobile version of the template instead of the main version. On a phone or other mobile device you would automatically get redirected to the mobile template without having to specify m=1, but for testing etc. if you want to see the mobile version on your desktop computer you add the m=1.

So in otherwords, you are just looking at the same blog via a slightly different template through a localised domain name. All perfectly sensible and above board.