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DarkUFO - Blogger Top Contributor Jan 15, 2013 6:14 AM
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Spam/Terms of Service -  Appeal Guidelines - January 2013

Given the fact that automated spam detection is not yet a perfect science, the Blogger Team is happy to investigate any reports of false positive spam reviews, posted here in the forum. That being said, before you request an appeal, it's worth describing a few examples of what Blogger regularly removes, as part of its zero tolerance policy to abusive / inappropriate content:

- Affiliate marketing.
- Content created wth scripts and programs, rather than by hand.
- Content scraped from other sources.
- Copyright Infringement (using photos of people without their permission)
- Content or links referencing GPT, PTC, PTS, 'Make money from home', 'Make money fast', or other referral-based activities.
- Large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects.
- Links to Illegal Downloads / Streaming / Torrents/ Games / Movies
- Links to Password sites/Account Hacks

Just reply here, in this discussion and post the following information

1) Saying that you've read these Guidelines
2) Please be sure to include ALL your deleted BlogSpot Links/URL(s) that have been marked as Spam
3) Also tell us what content you were posting in each of the Blogs

Please note that the Blogger Team may look at other blogs in your account, as part of their review. If you request an appeal, and Blogger discovers other abusive / inappropriate content during the investigation, you risk having all of your content permanently removed. Please consider this when requesting an appeal.

If you want to know why any of this is necessary, read here: