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Re: Blogger "Compose" Mode Not Working...error code bX-hzwrm3

DarkUFO - Blogger Top Contributor Jun 8, 2012 1:45 PM
Posted in group: Blogger Help Forum

Categories: Get Help with an Issue :

You have not provided enough information to help solve your problem. Please fill out ALL the info as requested below.

1) Are you using the New or Old Blogger
New Blogger look like this ->
Old Blogger looks like this -->

2) What browser and version are you using? eg Chrome, Firefox 3,4 or 5, IE 7,8 or 9, Safari 4 or 5, Opera 10 or 11. Normally help about will tell you the version

3) What is your Blog Address

4) Please explain in as much detail your problem, any errors codes and example. Also please include a screenshot of the error/issue where applicable.