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New blogger interface is unusable!!!!!

laann May 29, 2012 2:58 AM
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A few days ago I found this message on my dashboard "The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming months. Upgrade Now" I went a few hours ago to try it. And I still don't understand why blogger did developments something when it doesn't become better. They should not rather do anything. We, users,would be happy then. So rather please blogger don't do anything!!!!!!! The old version is totally good for us!

The old interface is great, usable, usable quickly and  the uploaded pictures you can positioned as you want. It is great. But the new interface is sucks, unusable, you cannot pisition the pictures, you cannot put them as you want, eg. the same line next to each other directly etc., you cannot adjust the post date,time, to write a post and find something is terrible, so far this is what I found at the first trying, but I immediatly realized I hate the new interface, unusable, not user friendly, it is a shit. I was unable to do what I want noway. So I went back, after a few lost hours, to old one and did my job with the that quickly, easily. I never wanna use this new interface more!

Don't remove the old interface, keep it!!!!  Let option to be choose it who wants. I bet everyone will choose the old one, instead of new one.

Who find out that this new interface will be used, try it and use it every day because that people never use blogger, s/he will just waste his/her time and s/he will realize it is usable nothing, it can not be used for anything and s/he will look for another platform as I will have to do that (but I love blogger of course the old one) if it will be removed.

If Google/Blogger wont keep the old interface, I think, or it is sure, they will lose significant percentage of their users.

Blogger should let us blogging as we like, not like they want! Blogger just make our life more difficult with their idiot, unusable developments.