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"My discussions" link no longer works

strickson Apr 7, 2012 5:45 AM
Posted in group: G Suite Help Forum
Ages ago I put a link to the "My Discussions" page on these forums in my Apps home page, for me and my other users to quickly see what forum posts they had made.
This was:
This has stopped working since the format was changed to the Groups format.

After lots of searching, I found a page containing the equivalent of "My Discussions", and so I bookmarked its URL, which is:!activity/apps/WErQda4HWj8J
But as you can see, this contains a unique string for my own discussions, so it won't work if I place it on my intranet home page for others to use, because their discussions page will have a different URL for each of them.

What is the generic URL for an equivalent page so each Apps user can quickly go to his own forum discussions?