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Google Apps Sync Outlook From Field and Delegate Access

Jim at Cornerstone May 15, 2012 7:21 AM
Posted in group: G Suite Help Forum
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Problem Description:

I have an individual who uses Outlook 2012 and Google Apps Sync.  She has delegate access to a supervisor.  She often sends messages on behalf of the other person.  About a week ago, she started experiencing problems. 

 Currently, if she opens Outlook and clicks “New E-mail” to compose a new message, it shows “Google Apps – her....@email.address” as it did in the past.  She completes the message and sends it out.  When the person on the other end receives the message, it shows up as being from the person she had delegate access to it.  However, if you click on the name, it shows her email address.

 If she uses the Gmail web access, everything works fine and it displays her name correctly on the receiving end.  I thought it was a profile issue in Outlook so I created a new profile with the Google Apps software.  Everything worked fine for about an hour and then the exact same thing happened.  She is the only person, so far, on our network that is experiencing that issue.

 Someone had mentioned that a new version of Google Apps Sync came out around the time that she was experiencing the problem.  I strongly feel that it is something with the update.  Is there any way to roll back the update and block the automatic updates?

 As a work around, she can click the “From” button when composing a message and click “other” email address.  If she types in her email address (the same one that is used by default) it will show up fine on the receivers end.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steps to Reproduce: see above under description of problem