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google music manager linux x86_64 main window does not appear

Rainer042 Nov 27, 2012 5:29 AM
Posted in group: G Suite Help Forum
Problem Description:

I have a strange problem with google music manager.

I run google music manager beta on two openSuSE 12.1 x86_64 boxes. On one box (lets call it "A") I have the problem that I can download my whole music library from google to my desktop using music manager but the next time I start google music manager, I see the icon in the kde info pane, I can right click and see the options and eg can select help, but I am unable to open the main window using a double click or by selecting "options" in the context menu. Simply nothing happens when I try.

So musicmanager is basically running but I cannot open the main window to download new songs I bought.

On my second linux box "B" (same openSuSE, same architecture, the same goole music manager version) this works just fine.
The only difference I see between both systems is that on "A" I never uploaded music, I only downloaded the whole library from google. On "B" I uploaded my original library and the also downloaded my googlemusic lib. And on "B" a double click on the music manager icon always opens the main window of google music manager.

On "A" I can remove the directory ~/.config/google-musicmanager and when I restart google music manager once again the main window is back again but of course music manager does no longer know about which songs have already been downloaded and which are new.

The log file ~/.config/google-musicmanager/google-musicmanager.log does not show anything helpful.

Has anyone an idea?

Steps to Reproduce:

Start google music manager, download existing music from google. Quit google music manager and start it back again. Now there is no way to open the applicatiosn main window.