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Moving from Hosted exchange where most users use Outlook Web access

Dartdog Apr 8, 2012 2:30 PM
Posted in group: G Suite Help Forum
Domain Name: new
Users Affected: 30
I'm in the process of moving 30 or so users from a hosted exchange server where most (but not all) users have been using the Outlook Web Access(OWA). We don't have access to an admin password.. and are doubtful we can obtain from the current vendor.. As I see it the only way to get all the info out is to set up outlook on a desktop and download each user then use the Gamme? tool to upload each user.. 

I'm a bit surprised there is no Imap/MSExchange to Gmail migration that can be used one mailbox at a time without admin access,, with the increased use of Outlook Web Access this will become an increasingly prevalent scenario.

Anyone have a better way to do this, it is looking like a real pain..(and a long time...)