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Re: Anyone else hate this new groups?

Alex Went Mar 15, 2012 3:28 PM
Posted in group: Google Analytics
Comments on new groups

1) We NEED to be able to access our own questions going back into the archive. a) Some of them were posted years ago but still receive answers b) Sometimes we do not look at the forums for a month or two, by which time hundreds more questions have demoted ours.

2) The left-hand index in the new Groups is bizarre and unclear. Can it be configured or reworked? Just one example. The fact that many discussion fora begin with the word 'Google' means that the useful bit of the title of the forum (i.e. Chrome) is curtailed by the column width. Poor design. Equally,I see no useful function in having a total post count (1000+) label.

3) Generally, not as intuitive as the old system - and that's not a complaint for the sake of it - it's simply true. Like many of the recent 'improvements' the design has gone against intuition.