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Re: Evolution of Google Analytics Benchmarking Report

travisstewart42 Apr 26, 2011 9:18 PM
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Like nearly everyone else commenting on this I will ask Google to bring back the Benchmark tool.

The original post indicates:
"The relatively low-adoption of the current benchmarking report indicates that we should evaluate alternative approaches."
Except this does not appear to have been done.  Evaluating alternative approaches does not mean you should get rid of the current service and replace it with something that it appears no one wants.  Is there any evidence to indicate more people will make use of this service if it is e-mail based?  If you want to evaluate this perhaps you should have introduced it as an option and found how how people felt about it.  Or actually researched what users wanted rather than shove this old, antiquated e-mail based solution down our throats.  Listen to what the users are actually saying.  Google Analytics is powerful because it allows users to easily obtain information and statistics when wanted and because it allows for a large amount of customization.  This new solution features none of these benefits.  If Google thinks an expanded report is going to be useful then why not fold that into the service as it was?  No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.