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Re: Reports - Export in PDF format report missing

silentstorm850 Sep 30, 2011 5:37 PM
Posted in group: Google Analytics
SERIOUSLY Google?!?!?!?!  You launch Analytics PREMIERE...and you can even get the regular beta up to par!?!?!?  You're missing some HUGE features like this PDF report format, the email scheduling, etc etc!!  I mean sure, there are 100 or so people that just read the reports strictly off logging in...but SOME of us businesses like to print PDF for our own filing....and then to really make matters worse, we can't even schedule a PDF report to our clients!!!!!!!!

You had it on the last version of GA....what in the world is so hard about pushing it over??  I mean the whole idea of improving things to shift everything to a new version and upgrading and adding new features...but you should NEVER take away from what's already been established!!  That's just like you guys taking decades to build up everything your corporation is and then one day someone just ripping down your buildings....NOW WHAT?!?  You can have all the analytics in the world, but if you can't deliver them to those who have made you who you are....your value means $hit!