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Re: Huge Spike in Traffic from Direct Internet Explorer visitors - nearly100% bounce rate, stays for only one minute

PPC_Guru Mar 16, 2012 2:23 PM
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@Netmet and @AdTech

I suspect Google are looking at this, but I is likely to be difficult to Fix.

The only way to kill the Botnet is for Microsoft to rollout an update to WindowsDefender or WindowsUpdate, or for the ISP`s to cutoff the Broadband connections, or for the Botnet Command&Control server to be shut down. All of these factors are outside of Google`s control, and the Standard user-agents and diversity of IP`s, makes this traffic difficult to diferentiate vs human visitors. Thus I suspect, it is also difficult to track down the source on a network level. Additionally, as Chrome is not effected - only Microsoft will have access to IE status reports on browser settings and plugins.

Did anyone have any luck reaching out to any security professional or ISP`s?



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