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todaycom Jun 26, 2012 9:59 AM
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We have been a adsense client for 9 years in good standing.We sold our old company buy they did not buy all the sites.When i noticed that we were using the old numbers (this is all around the time of the migration) Although google did not notice it we did after 6 months of email the old account and opened the new one manually(adsense) We could not connect to analytics (we just got that fixed).
We were called buy a adword word buyer that said google is not listing our inventory in paid placements
Our site is  so i checked it my self and could not find it.We had alot of good sites live that were using adsense like all are getting launched again this month and 25000 hits per month 3 adsense ads and now not one advertiser ever we had a site that was terrible we never updated and in the old account 25 adwords were signing up a month in 6 months 15 sites about 50000 hits and google email me that i should put more ads up.
I think it has cost me alot of money.Can someome from adsense try to buy traffic and i will approve you i think i only get agency
Traffic any advise