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Re: I have gone on a hunger strike until I am contacted personally..where can they see one of my posts. I am 3 days in and t

Dan B. Feb 25, 2012 5:01 AM
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Oh, that's your question, OK, well, simple, cuz it's not your thread, it's the thread of some dude that went on a hunger strike cuz Google won't call hi.

blanchblanch, sorry for the problems, that does really suck, I lost my mom to Cancer, it's a tough battle and I wish you the best. However, I have seen similar comments toward Google, and really, emotional appeals, such as illness, financial hardship and such things are not what Google looks at, they do business with who they want to based on their own criteria and have the right to do so, and are smart to do so. While obviously it looks bad from your vantage point, it's the way it is in every business. In the end, if you have good traffic, you could use another ad system and start making money again.