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Re: Need help with my disabled AdSense account.

Publisher1 Feb 24, 2012 1:30 PM
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I'm afraid, if your account has been disabled and appeal denied, that's it -- and for virtually all publishers or videographers, it is a lifetime suspension.

Blunt, but that't the way it is.  No one from Google will communicate with you or "reset" your account, and efforts to find a back-door to return will almost inevitably result in a "significant risk" disabling before you receive your first payout.

The exceptions where a publisher who has had an appeal denied and could return to the program are truly rare and usually involve some extremely unusual circumstance.  In one case, advertisers petitioned to have the publisher restored, in another the publisher wrote a blog so popular that it drew the attention of Matt Cutts, and perhaps in one or two other cases, publishers found some way to reach through and get a second look.  A few have been able to navigate the differentiation between personal and business accounts (it is how I survived the experience), but it is absolute folly to set up a full scale business for AdSense -- especially a YouTube based account.