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Trouble with YouTube earnings not showing up in AdSense dashboard reports

GregoryBS May 18, 2012 4:59 PM
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Categories: Blogger, YouTube, Partner sites :

I've got both an Adsense account, with which I've monetized my two Blogger blogs -- and that is working great.  I've also got a YouTube account, and I've monetized nearly all my videos.

I've got earnings in YouTube which are not showing up at all in the AdSense account.  I've gone through the monetization settings and made sure that the Adsense account associated with the YouTube account is in fact the right one -- and everything matches.  Same ID for both the monetized YouTube and the Adsense.

In the Adsense Settings, YouTube is set as a third party with access.

So, why am I not seeing any of my YouTube earnings -- or even any indication there are any earnings from YouTube -- in my AdSense reports?

I have looked at all the available and even halfway relevant help pages on YouTube and Adsense, and none of it is useful -- it just says to do precisely what I have done.