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Re: Huge drop in estimated earnings for Feb and March, like 90%... can some Adsense seniors and advanced users assist? Thanks.

davidleetong Apr 10, 2012 6:53 AM
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That's close to 19% drop... While I was supposed to say "at least you still earned", I realized that that's a big drop as well.

I wish there's a better reporting mechanism within Adsense to see where the clicks are coming from as statcounter's exit link activity isn't very accurate.

I'm still stunned that it took the Google Adsense team over 6 weeks to report that my February earnings were in question, now my site's not getting any clicks at all (for this site, at least).

Any guidance or clues on what newbie publishers can refer to will help.

Ever since I was invited by the local (Singapore) Google Adsense team for a workshop on how to optimize and keep on testing my site for improved Adsense income, I have done nothing but bury myself in the official Adsense blog learning and optimizing since November... After weeks of testing, my 'success' turns out to be a dud and over a thousand clicks collected rendered as invalid.

I really don't know what to do to make Adsense work anymore as my site's full of fresh original content yet I know many lousy 1-3 page sites doing so much better than an authority, legit publisher's site.