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Re: How long does it take for a disabling appeal to be processed?

bigsi Nov 22, 2011 11:13 PM
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Hi there tsvaishnav,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Been busy with other stuff.

Google provided no reason for the disabling. They simply advised that the site posed a risk of improper activity (I don't recall the exact terminology). Nor did they provide any prior warning that my site was in some way violating agreement terms.

Google obviously has the right to choose who it does business with.

It doesn't have the right to break an agreement mid stream, withhold funds and provide no meaningful information on the alleged violation. If normal standards of transparency with business partners has the potential to damage their wider business model, then that wider business model has no legitimate right to exist. Reasonable standards of fairness need to be at the heart of the commercial transaction. I don't believe when I signed on to Google Adsense, that I signed away inalienable rights to procedural fairness.  

There is no way that I have knowingly breached terms with Google. I have most certainly never done anything to encourage improper page impressions, clicks etc. Why would I for the pittance I've earned via Google?

All content on the site is original quality content.

So, I can assume one or both of the following has occurred -

i) has unwittingly violated Google's terms. If so, I would be delighted to address any issues quickly.
ii) A third party has taken actions that have violated Google's terms at the expense of

In either case, Google's failure to provide any information on the proposed violation is an outrage and may well even be aiding and abetting third parties using Google Adsense violations as a means of damaging the commercial interests of rivals.

Thanks for your interest anyway. You certainly confirm Google's all-powerful position in this space. Like all excessive concentrations of power, may it pass quickly.