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Detailed question about using AdSense on the same page as a specific other advertiser

bonesawisready5 Jun 25, 2012 1:06 PM
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Categories: AdSense Basics and Policies :

I'm considering using another advertiser (rather they approached me) on my site. I've had good results with Adsense but I'm having trouble finding out if running this companies ads on my site while Adsense ads are present would be a violation of TOS or not.

The company is

They run skin ads like the attached photo. I'm very interested in them because I run a gaming site and they do nothing but gaming ads.

My question is whether running their ads, like interactive interstital ads, and skin ads like shown in the attached photo would be ok with AdSense?

Could I keep using AdSense and this company at the same time or would that be a no no from Google?