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Re: Cancelled previous account, now cant get approved with new account.

Dr. xmen Jun 28, 2012 9:52 AM
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Categories: I don't yet have an account: Getting approved :

> On your home page, most of the links I see on the right side of the page go to download pages.  The download pages have links to rapidshare and megaupload, which might look problematic to the AdSense Crawler, even if the downloads are legal.

No, there is no Download page that has links of RS and MU. There is just one link which I'm aware of, nothing else. Would you mind giving me a download page url that has RS links ?

> Down at the bottom of the navigation on the right side of you home page you have links to Topics in your forum. Presumably that's automatically generated, and again they sometimes don't have much content (for example:

Well, those are problems topics, topics created by users and explaining their problems. Same as this site( How can I get more content from that. And how much content do Adsense need ?

> Doesn't your site have articles somewhere? 

It has but some categories are empty(reserved) so I removed the categories browser from menu.