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Re: Known Issue - Some publishers experiencing a Google Account "migration loop," and how to fix

srdavid Nov 9, 2009 9:59 AM
Posted in group: AdSense Help Forum

Categories: I don't yet have an account: Getting approved :

hello, i think i am having a problem similar to that described above.  i am just trying to start an adsense account and i am prompted for the site info, payee info, etc.  i fill out the form and get to the point where it asks if i want to connect this with my existing google account.  i check the box to agree to this, and it just sends me in a loop back to the application page.  i have done this SEVERAL times and it still just loops.  i changed my password as instructed above and this still did not help. 

any information as to how to remedy this so i can moved forward with my adsense application would be greatly appreciated.  thanks--