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Re: Known Issue: significant discrepancies between estimated and finalized earnings for some publishers

Vladislavas Dec 8, 2011 4:27 AM
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Categories: Payments :

We have analized our custom channels data and have found that for the last two months, October and November, amount deducted from estimated earnings is equal to the sum earned by one of our ad unit. It actually started happening when AdSense was swtiched to the new interface.
We believe, this particular ad unit does not violate AdSense program policies and this does not caused by invalid clicks, because we don't see such problem before, and in fact, deducted sum is equal to the sum earned by this ad unit.
Note, this is our #1 channel/ad unit, with the highest earnings, which is permanently placed on a page with a high traffic.
Ad unit ID is: 2968363783

Invalid clicks? Are you kidding? Can you also please look into my account?