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Re: I signed up for an account, posted HTML code, and have not heard anything. Have I posted the code correctly?

tifpotter Feb 22, 2012 7:57 AM
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Thanks for Zihara for helping out. Our website is The ad should appear on the lower right hand corner of the first page and is referenced by a box that says "Sponsors--Coming Soon" where we posted on the HTML code on Word Presss. As per your last statement, we don't expect that posting ads make for a "get rich scheme". In fact, our strategy is quite contrarian. We have a fully functioning website that is very thorough after developing it and driving traffic to it for 15 months without ads. My staff and I have been maintaining content on it for over a year to test if ads from Google would be worth the effort. We've been using Google Analytics to see what content is popular and testing what specifically drives traffic. Now after getting from 30-100 reliable users a day which spend on average 6.2 minutes each (which we think is notable) and officially testing if it is right for us culturally to load content and ad space, we are eager to move forward on an AdSense account for our commerical website. We've followed all the instructions for AdSense-- including adding the HTML code. It's been almost two weeks since we did it. Anyway, let me ask my question again, how can we confirm the HTML code was properly posted (it looks like it is) OR more importantly how do we know this process of approving our website and HTML code is moving forward in a commercial time frame? We've clearly done our homework. We've tested our website for such a product, followed all the rules and instructions, and waited for an extended period of time. We wait now without knowing what is happening. Truthfully, is abit frustrating to my business partner, my staff and myself. to wait in the dark. Thank you for the specific help you can provide in helping us figure out if we are indeed on course for having our AdSense account approved. We very much appreciate it.