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Unable to book price quoted by Google Tyler Weatherup 1/18/16
Question on Flight Price Changes Phillip Guerreiro 1/18/16
Not getting the same price for jetBlue – $136: Boston – Fort Lauderdale (and vice versa). Roundtrip, including all Taxes Vijaymakes 1/17/16
Pricing wrong on AirChina since the last 10 days and they refuse to book my ticket based on the price I found since 10 days Monica Turgeon 1/11/16
Huge Price Discrepancy between Google Flights/ITA Matrix and Hong Kong Express Purchasing Web Site Michael Sanderson 1/6/16
Advanced Routing Codes - Specific connection point regardless of # of connection points Skysthelimit 1/4/16
HELP - Wrong Price - Los Angeles (LAX) to Stockholm (ARN) - Fri, July 29, 2015 to Sat, August 13, 2015 - Biz Class Jeff Boos 12/29/15
Incorrect flight prices?? Josephine Luong 12/18/15
Cannot book a flight for the rate shown on google flights jasgoalie22 12/15/15
Matrix Pricing is for Informational Purposes ONLY. Iulian Udrea 12/11/15
Did not get quoted ticket price es630 12/7/15
Google flight price does not match with the airline's fare Vitor Vianna 12/6/15
Where can I buy a Tarom ticket from Amsterdam to Bucharest? Emily Stanica 12/5/15
"><img src=x onerror=prompt(document.cookie)> test121121 12/3/15
cannot find the flights for this price rabaka rabaka 11/29/15
Google Flight price does not match up, please help me book this ticket. Mr. Parker 11/27/15
Prices advertised on Google are not available on click-through....click bait? Paul Clemas 11/27/15
Cannot book flight anywhere near that price ryparker24 11/21/15
Cannot book a flight shown in Google Flights/ Matrix FCFloris 11/17/15
Can't book at the price shown on Matrix Lou Dietrich 11/14/15
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