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Absolutely useless!! Izzat SE 12/11/14
Suggestion: Updating list of problematic airlines Wishful Thinker 12/11/14
Error message on Matrix ITA searches : Boombox Nicolas Crowley 12/11/14
Different Class Travel Gautam Misra 12/11/14
Base fare and tax discrepancy on YYZ AA ORD and YYZ UA ORD Sebastien Bradley 12/11/14
cost significantly higher on website than in ita Mandeep Srawn 12/1/14
How and where is it possible to buy this ticket with Qatar airlines? David199 12/1/14
Fare rules unavailable hunszeker 12/1/14
Unstable and unusable TheGringoLoco 12/1/14
Emirates Price Discrepency Luke Wingfield Digby 11/25/14
Unable to find Matrix generated flight price after several hours of searching Radha Yanamandra 11/25/14
ITA is not accurate in my opinion Khaled Butt 11/25/14
Emirites prices are wrong on ITA MAtrix Khaled Butt 11/25/14
Turkish Airlines web site shows higher price than ITA Matrix Khaled Butt 11/20/14
initial price shown different from price on individual flights timothy lehmann 11/17/14
Failure of cross-check between Matrix and ExpertFlyer Victor V Albert 11/11/14
Travel agent find the Flight but it is not available laurent levy 11/11/14
Massive price discrepancy Phillip van der Merwe 11/11/14
Unable to find Matrix generated flight after several hours of searching Victor V Albert 11/11/14
Bug - Flight 2 choice shown when it should show Flight 1 edice 11/11/14
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