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Can't find flight Anders Bjorn 7/1/15
Incorrect Pricing on Google Flights? A Bigs 6/26/15
Fare not the same as shown in calenda skrubeoj 6/19/15
Price no longer available Lars Zeuner 6/19/15
Price History on saved flights not updating Tim Paulson 6/17/15
Bug report: QR phantom availability (consistent) in matrix.itasoftware.com Mike SF 6/13/15
Turkish Airlines- incorrect price quote marcoli0 6/11/15
Flight not found Kristin Wingate 6/11/15
Misleading Prices in Google Flight Search Results Donata Pieta 6/8/15
Cathay - no flight info ? timc1 6/5/15
Incorrect quoted Price Sarah Barnard 23 5/27/15
Error on search Adam Milewski 5/12/15
Matrix shows prices between $30-$50 USD, but websites reflect prices starting at $140. Rachel Moheban 5/11/15
I can´t found the ticket to show you in your page Jero Aimar 5/11/15
I can't finde the same price in our travel agency Hania Alsayed 5/10/15
I can't finde the same price in our travel agency Hania Alsayed 5/10/15
flight shown on matrix is not available anywhere shabx 5/4/15
Can't find a flight at the same price tnasa 5/4/15
Unable to book flight(s) at rates shown by Google flights Abhijeet Divekar 5/4/15
Itemized Receipt Kaili Ranta 5/1/15
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