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Can't book ticket at advertised price by google flights. valeria pazos 3/28/17
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ITA Matrix - Cannot find flight for stated price bonediddly123 3/22/17
Dispute with airlines re: flights found through Google Flights kk58 3/22/17
Incorrect flight prices in Google flights Lola Saiz Santos 3/20/17
Can't find exact flight shown on Google Flight through American Airlines Jay Bo 3/15/17
I'm unable to match the itinerary and fares seen on ITA Matrix Javier Romero R 3/8/17
Unable to book flight. link attached curto26 2/28/17
Why did the onthefly app disappear from the apple App Store? davidbr55 2/28/17
Adding airline schedule Rectrix Aviation 2/28/17
Google Flights - Question Fly Luxus 2/24/17
Incorrect pricing on google flights Paulo Queiroga 2/23/17
Calendar Search Giving Incorrect Dates DansDeals 2/20/17
Pricing wrong and flight no longer available Danielle Nagele 2/12/17
Unable to get the same flight price Nikki193 2/11/17
Manchester to Cape Town Laura Biggadike 2/9/17
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