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Incorrect pricing Alex Parr 8/17/15
Date issue with Matrix emails sokolov 8/17/15
Incorrect Fare on Google Flights and ITA Matrix toka1300 8/14/15
Flight information for Elal is about half what is available from them or a travel agent MLUR 8/14/15
Unable to get prices mentioned on Google Flights while I call the airline (Delta/KLM) pkv197 8/12/15
Find a travel agent Larry Chrysler 8/12/15
round trip chicago ,istanbul,berlin,chicago Vanita Gaglani 8/9/15
Bangalore - London business class flights with Qatar Airways don't exist at the price shown laurence chan 8/6/15
Round trip Flight Pricing Issue Nirali P 8/6/15
How can I search for "Anywhere" destination so I can get to fare that I can afford and a destination that is acceptable? Paul Narayanan 8/4/15
prices shown in google flights aren't the real ones? sagee schachter 8/1/15
repeated "internal server" error during search Trisha P 7/31/15
Price Not Consistent Ian Flood 7/30/15
Google Flights quoting prices on behalf of Airliners. Airline companies don't honor their prices? Philip Erlandsson 7/28/15
LHR to TLV price? AZMA001 7/24/15
Cant find prices offered by Matrix asi Vit 7/19/15
Delta Airlines Doesn't Honor ITA Prices Janaye Ervin 7/17/15
Can not fine the price as matrix shown 陳彥龍 7/10/15
Incorrect Pricing Brian_MA 7/9/15
matrix changes thomas mixter 7/1/15
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