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OAK-JFK / Dec31-Jan5 - Unable to book at a price that comes close to the ITA price. IamKovacs 12/30/14
Sorry, the server was unable to process your request.... CP12 12/29/14
Search for AA+ returns IB etc flights IanWorthington 12/26/14
Matrix shows a flight from LAX to MUC on Sept 24 2015 for $587 Brian Allen310 12/24/14
Results returning for different dates Chaikel 12/24/14
QPX Capacity Exceeded error, Boombox error, Unknown Internal error I JUST WANT TO USE THE TOOL AS INTENDED Sta Cher 12/24/14
TAM Airlines price discrepancy msiqueira9 12/17/14
Airport radius Hank Quinlan 12/16/14
Calendar search result in Matrix 3 seems to order dates in opposite directions mherdeg 12/15/14
Cannot find fare listed on Matrix mila gorodetsky 12/15/14
The search failed with exceeded boombox request quota Daniel ErkenBrack 12/11/14
Absolutely useless!! Izzat SE 12/11/14
Suggestion: Updating list of problematic airlines Wishful Thinker 12/11/14
Error message on Matrix ITA searches : Boombox Nicolas Crowley 12/11/14
Different Class Travel Gautam Misra 12/11/14
Base fare and tax discrepancy on YYZ AA ORD and YYZ UA ORD Sebastien Bradley 12/11/14
cost significantly higher on website than in ita Mandeep Srawn 12/1/14
How and where is it possible to buy this ticket with Qatar airlines? David199 12/1/14
Fare rules unavailable hunszeker 12/1/14
Unstable and unusable TheGringoLoco 12/1/14
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