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Remove "China Eastern 8880/8881 DTW<->PVG operated by Delta" in ITA database. soonerboomer 2/28/14
multiple exclusions NemoDat 2/26/14
Hong Kong > Tokyo via Hong Kong Express on March 31 2014 treyallday 2/25/14
Can't find the tickets with even close to given price for these two routes Dmitry Vashchenko 2/25/14
Fare rules missing hunszeker 2/20/14
Problem with DL Marketed/VS Operated rdinsf 2/19/14
Flights with Etihad not available marcel paagman 2/19/14
Turkish Airlines ghost availability fish101022 2/13/14
Multiple Advanced routing codes including "-overnight" PatrickE Collins 2/13/14
Airtran fare on ITA not bookable Anh Vo 2/12/14
Search Airfare Function not working with Version 6.1.1 (7537.73.11) of Safari Dan Kostrzewski 2/12/14
Re: Unable to find/book this fare anywhere. Please help. (unknown) 2/12/14
Flights to Thailand: I cannot find your prices even trying 2 different itineraries and 2 different airline companies...not a great software. Can you help me please? Nuria Durá 2/10/14
Specify multiple advanced codes for the same segment Arthur Bobel 2/5/14
Cannot book the same fare anywhere Bogdan Florin Coman 2/5/14
Cannot book these flights at price shown! PLEASE HELP Nicole Torre 2/3/14
eva air tickets kkc1 2/3/14
Cannot find the fares for both Egyptair and Emirates as shown by ITA Matrix Timo M 1/30/14
Nearby Airports search stopped working in Chrome Craig Rasmussen 1/30/14
Delta Non-Stop Not Displaying RJTB 1/27/14
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