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Unable to find Matrix generated flight price after several hours of searching Radha Yanamandra 11/25/14
ITA is not accurate in my opinion Khaled Butt 11/25/14
Emirites prices are wrong on ITA MAtrix Khaled Butt 11/25/14
Turkish Airlines web site shows higher price than ITA Matrix Khaled Butt 11/20/14
initial price shown different from price on individual flights timothy lehmann 11/17/14
Failure of cross-check between Matrix and ExpertFlyer Victor V Albert 11/11/14
Travel agent find the Flight but it is not available laurent levy 11/11/14
Massive price discrepancy Phillip van der Merwe 11/11/14
Unable to find Matrix generated flight after several hours of searching Victor V Albert 11/11/14
Bug - Flight 2 choice shown when it should show Flight 1 edice 11/11/14
Finnair fare code unavailable Paul Schwartzberg 11/5/14
Turkish Airlines does not honor your fare code Puneet Rai 11/4/14
Matrix showing round trip prices, airline websites show the same as one way fares ccolor 11/4/14
Product shows misleading prices Jacopo Sannazzaro Natta 11/4/14
Jet Airways: flights betwen Brussels and Hong Kong Xireyh 10/27/14
Airline won't let me book a flight found through ITA, says it's an agency price? Scott Mendez 10/24/14
Time zone bug with time bars and multi-airport search resnick 10/21/14
Improvement suggestion: ics Calendar Files Marcus Bäckmann 10/20/14
ITA shows $663.60 vs aa.com shows $622.60 CAAA 10/17/14
Making a script to retrieve a large number of flights David De Lille 10/15/14
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