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The Entire Appalachian Trail!! RockyRaccoon 3/15/15
Yangtze River tour TomKjeldsen 2/2/15
The Redwood Transect LINK Hill 1/19/15
Global Warming and Antarctica steve_A 9/19/07
Giant Snake, MEX dulce 11/29/14
New Earth impact craters discovered! VictorFromVancouver 11/28/14
Midnight Sun shines on Google Earth Tychee 11/28/14
extinct volcano underneath coliseum in Jackson, MS yehezqel 11/13/14
Zambezi River and Victoria Falls tour TomKjeldsen 10/15/14
200 Years of Antarctic discoveries 5MB!! nederbeat 8/28/14
Racetrack Playa Beachbeat 8/28/14
Kiel Canal tour TomKjeldsen 5/31/14
Suez Canal tour TomKjeldsen 3/30/14
Audubon South Carolina at Francis Beidler Forest Swamp_Thing 1/2/14
Mount Everest tour TomKjeldsen 12/27/13
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