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Corporate Signs (2/2) Administrator 1/2/12
Corporate Signs (1/2) lunatech 11/10/05
World's Longest Beaver Dam found with Google Earth jean_thie 1/31/14
Amazing Rice Paddy Art CuriousJM 11/7/13
Face of Indian Head in the Hills supergranny 7/16/13
Noorderlicht - World's Only Ice-Bound Ship-Hotel CuriousJM 5/29/13
Toilet Shaped House, Suwon, South Korea. Farceur 5/14/13
The Soo Locks Swing Bridges kite_surfer 4/15/13
Thirty Meter Telescope Markopolo 4/14/13
Future Site of Very Big Telescope BeadieJay 3/17/13
Giant Magpie Robin Statue at Dhaka Faysal Bin Darul 3/13/13
Mysterious Mojave Megaphone CuriousJM 2/28/13
The Guitar of Pedro Martin Ureta kite_surfer 2/28/13
Most Unusual Buildings of the World, Part 2 Munden 2/10/13
Alan Gibbs: The Farm Munden 1/14/13
Famous / Interesting statues around the world Munden 11/25/12
Most Unusual Buildings of the World, Part 3 Munden 11/25/12
America's Oldest Functioning Windmill CuriousJM 10/22/12
Giant Floral Carpet at Grand Place, Brussels CuriousJM 8/17/12
Dublin Gasworks Apartments - The Alliance Building CuriousJM 8/16/12
Monumental cave painting (Pintura rupestre monumen aaronG 7/27/12
Ancient Highway of the Middle Ages kite_surfer 7/18/12
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