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Google and Your Business Help Forum

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Street view David Doig 11/4/15
Where do i enter the verification code? Reggie Samuel 11/4/15
Local business page has lots of activity, but only the empty "brand page" shows up in my dashboard. Katie Dunhill 11/4/15
Need help correcting wrong location and business information when seraching for my business Richmont Graduate University 11/4/15
change of addres Marcus Hollick 11/4/15
How to reclaim a business listed on google maps. Veeyan Veenaik 11/4/15
Help with getting verified for correct business address. DFSworldwide1 11/4/15
Mobile version STILL shows old address Elmwood Village Fabrics 11/4/15
How to get code to verify my business address after running out of attempts? Nerissa Salas 11/4/15
I have two locations at one address with different hours of operation and same contact information. How can I add both sets of hours? Joshua Kline 11/4/15
Let's talk I need answers too Gold mind 11/4/15
Change our business phone number displaying in google searches BrianAllen 11/4/15
My business does not appear on google maps for the correct search terms George Gregoriou 11/4/15
when i write a review its not showing up Alpha Giga 11/3/15
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