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African Films on YouTube mojaam 1/15/12 4:53 PM

I've invested many months and hours (even quit my day job perusing this) trying to set up a proper channel for Hausa films on YouTube like IROKO Partners did for Nigerian films (they neglected Hausa films however) and their nollywoodlove and yorubalove channels but so far unable to. Got rejected twice. I even made a trip to Nigeria in hopes of getting the contents and permissions from the producers themselves. I have had many in-person and email conversations with Hausa films producers, actors, and other entertainers in Nigeria and they all are very excited of the possibilities and want to showcase their industry to the world but just lack the technical capability and infrastructure to do so.

There has already been a growing trend whereby more and more users are uploading Hausa films without permission, rights, and in an unorganized fashion (unnecessary trailers within the movies, multiple parts, missing parts, no english subtitles, etc). We would like to be that legitimate connector and want to provide our services with great organization, zeal, and passion. We plan to give back to the Hausa film makers and hope to improve these films. The problem is: youtube won't look at us or the bigger picture unless we have a large enough audience and we can't have a large audience without the content and since we want to do this illegitimately, we have to pitch the idea to the film producers and get their permission/rights to stream in hopes of someday getting rewarded monetarily for doing so. Would love to hear your advice and suggestions on what needs to be done. Greatly appreciate your time and consideration.

Hausafilmstv Founder