Why do playback controls disappear?

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Why do playback controls disappear? harrowrudeboy 2/17/11 2:01 PM
Once the video has started playing, the play/pause button, the progress bar and all the other features normally at the bottom of the video disappear. It makes it really frustrating trying to watch. How do I get them back?

Is it because of the Flash update?
Re: Why do playback controls disappear? Sandalphon 2/17/11 5:00 PM
Its the new flash update.

You have to download a previous version of adobe-flash-plugin for your respective browser and replace the newly updated one.

Its gcswf32.dll for Google Chrome. Located in:

NPSWF32.dll for Internet Explorer

Do a search on google for the files. I have it working for chrome 9,
but the canary(beta 10) version although working - keeps popping up the security update message.
Re: Why do playback controls disappear? potan 2/20/11 3:37 PM
At least for me,this annoying bug was solved by installing the latest beta version of chrome (10.0.648.82 beta).