Videos not buffering properly

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Videos not buffering properly BirthWrong 5/30/11 3:27 PM
Buffering is VERY slow on every youtube video i watch recently...This problem just appeared out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago :X It was fine before that...Now i have to wait 10 minutes to watch a 3 minute video >.< IF IM LUCKY ! (sometimes it just stops buffering at a certain point)
Ive scanned my PC for "malicious software" countless times, cleared the cookies/cache/temporary internet files, flushed/renewed DNS, tried using different browsers (IE,Opera,Mozzila)...I even used a "video accelerator" which was a complete waste of time >.< So yeah, nothing works...Any solutions ?
Re: Videos not buffering properly Kivisola 5/30/11 3:32 PM
Youtube has been extremely slow for me lately. All other sites work well, but not Youtube. It is weird.
Re: Videos not buffering properly Novacrash 5/31/11 12:29 PM
Indeed a frustrating problem.. Many of the videos won't even start at 240p quality, so there's definitely something wrong with Youtube. I know Youtube has been slow for a while but this is starting to get really, really bloody annoying. 
I tried the Feather Beta, but it seems like it doesn't work very well here. 
Re: Videos not buffering properly BirthWrong 5/31/11 12:37 PM
So im not the only one with this problem, eh ? And u are right, the same thing happens on every quality (even on 240p). Wondering why Youtube hasn't fixed it yet...
Re: Videos not buffering properly SasanB 7/19/11 1:14 PM
We have been having issues with Youtube videos stopping in the middle of buffering.  We have seen this happen from all browsers.  The only thing we have been able to verify is that it does not happen on Windows XP machines or Windows 2003 server.  It consistently happens on all Windows 7 machines.
Re: Videos not buffering properly SasanB 7/26/11 2:00 PM
We have narrowed it down to our Sonicwall 3060 Enhanced firewall. The Intrusion Prevention option on the firewall is causing the problem.  When we check the firewall at the moment the video buffering stops, the firewall Intrusion Detection feature drops the TCP connection.  Disabling Intrusion Prevention resolves the issue.  We are working with Sonicwall to determine if this can be fixed.