How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'?

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How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? lairdkeir 2/12/11 10:42 AM
I'm a teacher and use youtube for my classes. As a result, my 'home page' is full of content 'recommended' to me simply on the basis of having shown footage of the Nazi death camps or other distressing themes. Besides having offensive material 'suggested' for my consideration, it's dangerous to me professionally as a teacher in Germany; it makes me look like as neo-Nazi who watches sHitler's speeches in my spare time.
Is it absolutely necessary to have to have outside videos invade what should be a personal space? Can I not opt out of all such spam? I have deleted all subscriptions for this reason but to no avail, as more junk replaces the old. Google video doesn't seem to require its users to be subjected to such aggressive advertising, even though I can't see who is benefitting in this matter.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? rewboss 2/13/11 5:07 AM
Personal space? YouTube is a publicly accessible broadcasting platform.

First of all, I am not sure of the wisdom of using YouTube in this way. It is simply not intended for this type of use, and outside of the US, you may even be violating copyright law (this is almost certainly the case, for example, in the UK).

Second, if you're worried about being branded a neo-Nazi because people might think you watch Hitler's speeches in your spare time, don't you think there might be an even greater danger of being branded a neo-Nazi for showing this stuff to children?

Third, although YouTube does block illegal neo-Nazi content from Germany when made aware of it, a lot of stuff you're watching may simply have fallen through the net and you may be exposing your students to material that you should not be. Have you cleared this with the Schulaufsicht? Is there no possibility of using teaching materials supplied expressly for use in schools?

Fourth, this isn't spam, it's YouTube recommending videos based on the kind of videos you frequently watch, or which are related to the one you are currently watching. This has always been how YouTube operates.

Fifth, if the authorities do decide to investigate, there's nothing you can do to hide your tracks. Even if you went into your browser cache and deleted every file related to everything you'd ever watched, there are ways of recovering these files -- it's slow and expensive, but surprisingly reliable.

Sixth, the obvious thing to do would be to sign out of YouTube before viewing these videos, and then they won't be recorded as having been watched by you.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? lairdkeir 2/22/11 11:39 AM
I just wanted to know how to remove all so-called 'recommended' and 'suggested' material that is automatically sent to what is described as my 'home' page without my own imput and against my personal wishes. If you don't know how to do this, there's no need to patronise me with a reply.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? rewboss 2/22/11 11:57 AM
As I said, you can sign out of YouTube before you show the video. Alternatively, you can wait until you have the video watch page on screen before showing the class. Or, if you're not subscribed to any channels that post nazi-related material, you can, on the home page, click on "Subscriptions" in the grey bar at the top of the feed to show only videos from people you're subscribed to.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? YT Natalie 2/23/11 12:58 AM
Hi there,

Might be best to follow rewboss's last suggestion and, from your Homepage, click the gray tab labeled Subscriptions. You can also watch videos from your Channel page which can be accessed by visiting

Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? tanb 3/2/11 3:46 PM
I too have an issue with the 'suggestions' on offer.
I've uploaded a video - title of video is company name - and the 'suggested' videos are quite inappropriate and non work related. Is there any option to stop suggestions showing when people view my video on ?

If I embed on another website, I can add &rel=0 to the end of the src field, but how do I do this on itself?

Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? rewboss 3/3/11 3:35 AM
You cannot do this on YouTube itself, no.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? lafreeway 3/26/11 4:39 PM
I agree with lairdkeir.  I don't want recommendations based on what I watched and I don't want to log out when I watch a video.  That should not be such a big deal and thanks, but I don't need a lecture about what subjects I watch. It is none of anyone's business.

Thanks for all mature and intelligent replies.

And for those know it alls who want to talk about what I view, I have zero interest in your opinions, with all due respect.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? Mac-is-OK 5/1/11 7:42 PM
Click on your account on the top right and go to "My Videos", then to "History" and press on "Clear all viewing history". That way Youtube won't have anything to recommend to you on the front page. You will have to do this whenever yo need to remove the recommendations though. Also Youtube will only show you the recommendations if the grey box on the top is set to "All activity" or "Recommendations", if you set it to "Subscriptions" it won't and it will default to this option next time. Last option is to sign out.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? rfmeredith 5/17/11 5:57 AM
There are many ways to download a video to your own hard drive and watch it from there.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? rewboss 5/17/11 6:45 AM
However, using a third-party downloader is a violation of YouTube's terms of use and may even be illegal in at least some cases. Third-party downloaders "break" quite regularly as YouTube changes the way things work behind the scenes -- whether or not YouTube deliberately blocks these downloaders I don't know, but sooner or later they all break.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? lemonphenomenon 6/4/11 11:57 AM
I agree with lairdkeir and lafreeway. Thanks, Mac-is-Ok, for your suggestion of clicking the "subscriptions" box. It worked for me. Clearing the viewing history didn't work, however. Even with the viewing history cleared, recommendations based on the supposedy cleared history still appeared, each recommendation naming below it the piece I'd previously viewed. This ghost of my viewing history continued even if I signed out after clearing the history and then signed in again.
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? oceanwings 6/8/11 6:16 PM

what a condescending terd you are

what Mac is Ok said will work
Re: How do I remove 'recommendations' and 'suggestions'? larkie57 6/18/11 11:19 AM
Easy to clear the recommendations. If you hover your mouse over the top right of each recommended vid you will see a cross. Click on the cross and the recommended video will disappear. For good!