Regarding Copyright Matched Third Party Content

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Regarding Copyright Matched Third Party Content ShrekDj 8/7/11 2:05 AM
I am in urgent need for some genuine advice into the matter of videos matched with third party content - Copyright Issues.

My channel is basically just uploading game videos (gameplay and walkthroughs). The problem is at times the game cutscenes or playthrough footage (recorded from actual game) becomes a copyright issue - Third Party content matched warning appears.

2 options are suggested by Youtube on the "View Copyrights Info"

1. No action required on your part
2. Wait for developments till the content owners decide an action.

My Question:
1. If I take no action (Option 1) and continue my uploaded video for Public View. Will it cost my account getting deleted latter when Content owners decide an action??/
2. Even if content owners decide an action.
- Will I be given first warning / notice issued to remove the video before taking serious action?? Or Youtube will straightaway put strike on my account without giving me a chance to remove the video???

I have always willingly complied Youtube Copyrights Policy but it is difficult to know which third part ycontent is related with the gameplay, since the gaming footage is random by missions and factors like cutscenes can be removed but audio/visual recording from gameplay is too much to comply. What should I do?? Should i stop recording?? Many other non-partnered channels are playing those videos without any copyright issue.

Also, Youtube doesn't give a warning before putting a strike?? By making an account non-functional purely without a notice is what am nervous about.

Please suggest me what exactly is the cycle of action towards copyright issues of third party contents. Is it such a serious offense that costs account deletion without giving a chance???
Re: Regarding Copyright Matched Third Party Content TheFreezeOver 8/10/11 7:02 AM
hey im stuck on this to, i just posted a mw3 spec ops trailer breakdown/review and its got matched 3rd party content for audiovisual stuff or something im stuck:@