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Posting feedback about YouTube's new look

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Posting feedback about YouTube's new look ytKeane 12/6/12 2:42 PM
Hi everyone,

With YouTube making some site-wide changes, we know that many of you want to leave comments and give feedback about what you think.

We welcome comments and appreciate your feedback. Keep in mind these guidelines when replying to threads and creating new threads about the design.

  • Read the FAQ, announcements, and Help Center: Some features have moved or been changed. This doesn't mean that they're gone entirely, so be sure to read over the FAQs and other content¬†to get familiar with the changes and why we made them before posting about them, whether you're saying something good or bad. This will help inform your feedback and make it even more valuable.

  • Look for similar threads before making new ones: It makes it easier for us to read and understand the scale of your feedback if it's in fewer places, as opposed to in multiple topics that are essentially the same. Search or browse for similar threads before making new ones. If you see a thread about the Guide that says what you wanted to post, just reply there instead of making a new thread.

  • Be descriptive and constructive: We understand that some of these changes¬†are major and that they may take some getting used to. Nevertheless, we appreciate and can do more with constructive feedback that's specific and detailed about what you think or don't think is a good change. So if you like or dislike a change, be sure to describe it in detail and be constructive as much as you can.

  • Be respectful: Don't use hateful, or disrespectful language when giving feedback.
Thanks. We look forward to hearing what you think of the changes!