How to verify account on youtube?

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How to verify account on youtube? DanielCotourier 6/5/09 6:32 PM
I created a new account on youtube, and it says you have to confirm your email address, and I recieved the email and confirmed it, and it says im confirmed on google which is partnered with youtube now! I can't figure out how to confirm my email on the youtube account? It lets me log in on my account but doesn't allow me to add videos etc because it says I have to confirm my email address? How do you confirm it?
Re: How to verify account on youtube? Liz YouTube support 6/11/09 1:34 PM
Hi there Daniel,

Unfortunately, it sounds like you've been impacted by a recent bug. We've seen other users who are also unable get past this confirmation message, despite having confirmed their email address.

Our team's aware of the issue, and we're currently working on a fix for the situation. Hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding. We appreciate you letting us know you were experiencing this issue.

Take care,

~ Liz
Re: How to verify account on youtube? bobrock92 7/27/09 7:46 PM
this worked for me go to and enter password and click on link in email to confirm
Re: How to verify account on youtube? misscelticfox 8/23/09 8:21 AM
The same thing happened to me.  I created a new account a couple of months ago.  I finally received an email to confirm my account after requesting one several times.  When I clicked on it, it said my Google account was confirmed.  But, my YouTube account is still not confirmed.  I can log into my new account, but I can't do anything with it, other than watch videos.  Apparantly, the link to confirm a Google account is not linked with YouTube.  I can't understand why this is still a problem after so many months!  What is the point of YouTube creating new features and new channel designs if new customers can't even use their channels?
Re: How to verify account on youtube? trapilicous1 6/19/10 4:44 AM