somebody has posted my nude video

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somebody has posted my nude video furqan586 9/4/10 11:26 AM
1.somebody has posted my video name (paki in oman)..i flageed the video the is removed by youtube thanks alot....but when we search again it is in the list...plz also remove from the list...
2.i m sure that the man is posting again my video with other names..especially song names..plz check where ever this video is present in youtube and remove the video..plz help....there is a new button below my video..what is this button ..and how can i check where my video is posted and by ehich name it is posted..plz tell
Re: somebody has posted my nude video JDoors 9/4/10 1:03 PM
1. What list?
2a. I'm afraid they won't search the site for you. You must find and flag it yourself.
2b. I do not know what button you're referring to.
2c. Not sure what you mean by where it's posted; On this site? Others? Use the search feature?